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Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

The nine month program consists of two semesters of 18 units each (36 total for the year).

All students pay enrollment fees (per unit), a health fee, a student representation fee, and a student center fee. Out-of-state/non-resident/international students pay non-resident tuition fees in addition to enrollment fees.

For the school year 2022-2023 students with California residency paid approximately $845 per semester and non residents paid approximately $6155 per semester. These fees typically go up slightly every year, so be sure to confirm the total cost of enrollment.

Please visit the Mendocino College fees page to ascertain the current fees:

Keep in mind that there are other costs that each student will need to prepare for such as personal tools, project materials, rent, food, and entertainment. It is not inexpensive to attend our program, but it is likely less expensive that other schools with similar types of programs.


In order to claim California residency for tuition purposes you will need to provide proof that you have resided in the state for at least one year prior to attending. For information regarding this please visit the

Financial Aid

General financial aid and scholarship information is available online:

Scholarships 2023-24

The Krenov Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to continue the legacy of James Krenov, his values, approach to woodworking, and teaching. They are also dedicated to the art and craft of fine woodworking, and offer several scholarships to incoming students, both first and second years.

Application for these scholarship should be made alongside applying to the Program. The closing date for scholarship applications is March 31.

The following is a list of  scholarships that were offered in 2021. Hopefully next year there will be similar offerings.

  • Jack Romine Scholarship – $5000 to an incoming first year student.

  • David Welter Scholarship – $3000 to an incoming second year student.

  • Smith-Sorenson Scholarships – (2) $2500 to incoming first and second year students.

  • Burns-Budlong Scholarships – (2) $2500 to incoming first year or second year students.

  • Peter Mich Scholarships for Women in Woodworking – (2) $3500 to incoming first year or second year students.

  • Linh Bui Minority Scholarship in Woodworking – (2) $5000 to incoming first year students

If you are interested in applying for Krenov Foundation Scholarships, visit to download the application.

There are also scholarships available from the Mendocino Foundation, but for various reasons, their application deadline (early March) occurs before you would even apply to our program. In order to be eligible for those funds,  you would need to apply early to become a student of Mendocino College, which is separate from applying to our program. Go here to do this:  This will allow you to apply for scholarships for the upcoming Fall semester. Go here for more information or  to apply. If you are then awarded a scholarship, but do not make it into our program, the money will be passed on to other students. Contact Eliza Fields, Scholarship Coordinator at (707) 467-1018 or for more information.


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