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Small Project Class

Small Projects with Jim Budlong

June 27 – July 15

The skills learned in making a small, simple, but elegant solid-door wall cabinet, box or tabletop cabinet can be used in a variety of projects. In this session, students will begin by selecting project elements from a plank, with consideration of color and grain graphics in mind. Your design should have no more than one door and one drawer, in order to be able to achieve as much as possible in our limited time. Curved work, veneering, steam bending, bent lamination will be strongly discouraged.

Primary techniques to be experienced in this class include edge joining, re-sawing, doweling, frame-and-panel work, and door/lid hinging. Learning is not limited to methods, but will also involve the discovery of a sensitive, flexible approach to building.

Students will be expected to present their idea to Jim prior to the start of class in the form a simple sketch, to determine the feasibility of their idea. You will also be encouraged to source your wood before coming….maybe that special board that you have been saving for something good.  A two-inch plank with a minimum width of six inches, totaling 12 board feet, will allow for room for choices. Bring extra if you have it.




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