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Henry Hewitt

Class of 2014
Albion, CA

I was raised in Southern California, and arrived here, in Mendocino County via Utah, Maryland, and Texas. I am a retired telecom engineer, thirty-plus years in that field.  The last twenty years I have made some furniture, a few chairs, boxes, and small items for friends and family, when time and climate permitted.

Upon retirement, we looked for a cooler and more stimulating environment to settle in, and ended up in Albion, California, just south of Fort Bragg.

My interest in woodworking started in the late ’70’s after seeing James Krenov’s first book, but didn’t become action until the ’90’s. I have attended a couple of summer classes here at the school, and, at encouragement from friends and family, applied for the nine month program.  The summer classes and this program far exceed any expectations I may have had.


440 Alger Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Phone: (707) 964-7056