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Tessa Kay Madsen Petrich

Class of 2023
Montara, CA

I am so lucky to be here at this magic-feeling place, thinking with my hands, holding material grown from the same earth these hands’ feet walk on — and to be in good company too, kind teachers and sweet shopmates sharing space.

coming from a background in architecture, space is sacred to me. scale is too, and creating furniture/objects proportional to human bodies invites interaction that sometimes is lost in the scale of a building. my dream is to reignite the connection between us & our built environment by exploring the wonder and sparks of joy a small cabinet can bring.

I hope to continue learning the language of wood storytelling with my time at the krenov school. wood as the medium carries its own story: it bends, it dents, it cracks. sometimes it breaks, but it has the ability to share the life it has lived, both alive as a tree and as a wooden object used to enhance human life. what an amazing opportunity to — as the woodworker — be a part of its story (as it becomes a part of ours too)


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Phone: (707) 964-7056