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Zach Burandt

Class of 2021
, Alabama

After leaving my previous job in Alabama, I traveled to Northern California to take a short sabbatical as I began to search out what was next. During my time in Northern California, I connected with an old landlord of mine (I lived there previously for a few years) who was a full-time custom woodworker. With all my time off, I asked if I could help which led to visiting his shop for a few hrs a week. A few hours a week turned into a few hours a day which turned into a lot of hours on most days. As other career paths didn’t seem to fit, I discovered a natural passion for woodworking and have decided to fully commit to pursuing not just a hobby but a career in it. My goal for this next year is to move back to Alabama, build a shop, and start a small furniture business.


440 Alger Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
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