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Summer Workshops

Summer 2018 Workshops

Tools and Techniques with Jim Budlong

(WOD-70A INTRODUCTION TO WOODWORKING)          June 4 – June 22

Create a Wall Cabinet with Jim Budlong



*News* Each of these classes will now be offered for credit, 3 units per class. The cost for these classes should be $141 for residents. For non – residents, the cost should be $840($234.00 per unit (plus the $46 per unit enrollment fee). There will be an additional materials fee (TBD). This fee is still be calculated and should be under $100

You will be required to take the Tools and Techniques course before moving onto the cabinet class. People have requested before that they would like to skip that class, but we have found that does work well for the class as a whole.

If you are plan to take WOD-70B(Wall Cabinet), it is required that you have first completed WOD-70A(Tools and Techniques). Many of you will have probably taken this with us while we were with College of the Redwoods. You will need to fill out a prerequisite challenge form Prerequisite Challenge Form, and provide some proof that you took the class.(We can vouch for you if you do not have any receipts or documentation). This may seem a bit cumbersome, but this is the price for having the class be for credit and less expensive.

In order to register for these classes you must first become a student of Mendocino College. Please go to and follow their instructions.

Our summer courses are listed in the Summer offering catalog  on page 5. If you have any trouble registering please contact the admissions office at  or 707-468-3101.

The registration for Summer classes opens on April 21st for online registration and on the 23rd for in person registration. We recommend that you get yourself admitted as a student as early as possible so that registration goes smoothly.

At this time, we are not able to accept international students to our Summer program. We hope to be able to in the future, and are working to make this happen.

By offering the classes for credit, the cost has come way down for residents of California, but you will be limited in how many times you may take each class. Remember, the workshops are first come first served, so register early to secure a spot!


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