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In the late 1970s James Krenov (JK) had become quite known in the woodworking world, mainly for his books, but also for his teaching. Originally trained in Sweden at the Malmsten School, He traveled to various parts of the US, including Mendocino County to share his knowledge and skills to a growing audience. In the late 70's a local group of woodworkers convinced the College of the Redwoods to start a fine woodworking program here in Fort Bragg under Jim's guidance. The woodshop was soon designed and built according to his specifications and the curriculum was developed based on his teaching.

The first year began in the fall of 1981 under the title College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program,  and has had a strong presence in the woodworking world ever since. JK continued to build furniture while teaching until he retired in 2002.  JK's work and his students have been featured in numerous galleries and exhibitions throughout the country as this school has gained a reputation of being one the top woodworking schools in the U.S.

Over the years the school has changed very little in its methods, although the staff and students have. Every year a new crop of woodworkers begin their journey of learning the art of fine furniture. All of our staff were students of Jim and while their work varies in style, the fingerprints of the school can be found in much of their work. We strive to carry on the tradition of excellence in both design and craftsmanship. The evidence of our success can be found every year in work on display during our annual exhibitions

In 2016 we transferred administrations and became part of Mendocino College. We also named ourselves as the Krenov School, embracing our legacy.