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Living in Fort Bragg


Fort Bragg is in redwood country on the beautiful Mendocino Coast, about three-and-a-half hours by car from San Francisco. A small town of 7,000, it has its roots in the lumber and fishing industries. The area supports a substantial and growing number of woodworkers, artists, musicians, writers, and theater folk.

The cost of living (food, gasoline, etc.) is relatively high. There is a continuing shortage of housing in the Fort Bragg area. The college has no dormitories, and it cannot arrange housing for students. Despite the difficulties, all of our students (including those with families) have been able to find satisfactory housing. The average cost for a modest apartment has been about $600-1500, utilities not included. If you are accepted into the program, you should plan to investigate housing possibilities in or near Fort Bragg during the summer months, so that problems can be resolved in time for the start of the program at the end of August.

Our experience has shown that students commonly underestimate the costs associated with buying tools and lumber, and providing for food and shelter in the Fort Bragg area. Try to be realistic in your calculations.

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