Summer Workshops

Our two main summer classes are offered as Mendocino College credited courses under the section ID’s WOD70A, and WOD70B. They can be also be used to satisfy the prerequisite when applying to our nine month program.

In addition to these core classes, we occasionally offer additional short courses covering topics not normally taught during our nine month program (WOD188). These classes are suitable for all experience levels.

Our summer classes are intended to give intermediate woodworkers an opportunity to participate in an intensive, high-quality educational experience in a relatively shorter time frame. While there are no prerequisites for this course, it is not a beginning woodworking course. It is an introduction to furnituremaking, is intense, and expects a certain minimum level of skill and experience.

It is opportunity to learn what our nine month student learn in the first semester, without a project being made. It is also a chance to see what our longer program might be like in case you are considering applying in the future. We often get a few applicants from every summer.

At a minimum students in these courses would benefit greatly from having wood shop machinery experience and training prior to our classes. We do cover proper and safe machine use, but it is done rather quickly and in mostly a review manner.