General Workshop Info & Prices

Here you can find some general information about our summer workshops. If you have any additional questions please contact us at or 707-964-7056.

Workshop Prices

Both WOD70A and WOD70B are 3 units each.

For year 2023 the cost per credit $46 per unit for California residents, and $341 for non residents. There are also a few small additional fees, including a materials fee that may be charged for each course, to cover costs of exercise materials (poplar, maple, glue, shellac, and other consumables)

For the most up to date and accurate costs information, go to Mendocino College’s (they are our administrators) site under the Admissions section.

Specifically for the Tools and Techniques Course, you will also be required to purchase 2 Hock plane irons totaling $100, if you do not bring them yourself.

You will also need to provide your own personal handtools. Recommended tool lists are listed in each course description. No personal hand tools will be provided.

For the Small Project class you will be expected to purchase or provide your own project materials (wood, hardware and finish).

By offering the classes for credit, the cost has come way down for residents of California, but you will be limited in how many times you may take each class. Be aware the out of state students are required to pay both the enrollment fees and the non resident tuition.  Again, to be certain of the total cost, please contact the Admissions office directly at

For classes offered through the Comex department, please contact them for admissions information and costs.

Financial Aid

For general financial aid information, contact the admissions office at Mendocino College:

The Krenov Foundation offers scholarships for the Tools and Techniques class available for BIPOC applicants. For more details go to:

Daily Schedule

Workshops run from 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. M-F, with the privilege of evening and weekend hours at the discretion of the instructors.

Location and Facilities

Classes take place in the Fine Woodworking Shop at 440 Alger Street, Fort Bragg. The College provides each student with a workbench, access to machine and power tools, and wood for exercises. Materials used in project classes are purchased by the student.

Required Tools

All students must provide a their own set of hand tools adequate for the work to be undertaken; no hand tools are available at the shop, other than a few specialty items. Consult the course's tool list for what is needed for each class. The cost of tools can be significant if you are starting from scratch. Our courses are intended for woodworkers and it is assumed that you have some or most of the tools on our list. The cost of the entire tool list can reach around $1000, which may seem like a lot. However the registration cost of our course is relatively low in comparison with other classes around the country. Consider also how serious you are about woodworking. Good tools are worth the money if you are in it for the long term. Buy the best you can afford.

Prerequisite Skills

Applicants to the Tools and Techniques course should also be familiar with the proper and safe operation and use of the following machine tools: table saw, joiner, planer, drill press, and router. Due to the intensive nature of the workshops, there is less time available to instruct students in the basic use of machine tools.