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Darryl Dieckman

Class of 2017, 2018
Fort Bragg, California

Born and raised in Ohio with a 25 year career in technology, Darryl is now a recovering software engineer wandering through Northern California.  His passion for fine woodworking blossomed while attending classes at Marc Adams Woodworking School in Indiana with his father during annual Father’s Day visits to the Midwest.   A mid-life crisis and a spiritual experience at Burning Man building large scale art emboldened a pursuit of a different path.  Darryl has recently embarked on a journey to create functional and appreciated objects using various mediums of the physical world instead of the ones and zeros of the virtual world.  He hopes to combine and blur the techniques of fine woodworking and blacksmithing to produce unique pieces with elements from both traditions.  He may also incorporate a few ones and zeros as well.


440 Alger Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Phone: (707) 964-7056