Ana Cho

ana cho
Class of 2020
Los Angeles,

I was born in South Korea and spent my formative years in both Korea and BC, Canada. Most recently, I was living in Los Angeles where I was a part-time potter and a full-time video game artist. I am compelled to make things by hand and challenge myself in ways that encourage me to grow as a maker as well as a person.

When I first started working with clay, I realized how incredibly satisfying and rewarding it is to work with a material that is so deeply rooted in our culture and history. Also, its slow and thoughtful process has taught me a new pace of interacting with myself and the craft. The curiosity to broaden my appreciation and knowledge in crafts led me to woodworking.
While taking classes at Allied Woodshop and OTIS college of art and design in Los Angeles, I was immediately intrigued by wood and wanted to build a deeper relationship with it. I had a new dream of pursuing woodworking alongside pottery.

In spring 2019, I’ve finally left my career in the digital world and moved to Fort Bragg to attend the Krenov School. I’m looking forward to finding a harmonious way to work with clay and wood, and eventually, I would also like to apply my skills to help empower women, and work with youth in under-serviced communities.

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Tap any project image below to learn more about the piece.