Eriq Wities

Class of 2023
 & 2024

A deep extrovert with a background in filmmaking and stop motion animation, I’ve always created work in a cocktail of collaboration and dependance on others. When I fell in love with woodworking, I found an ability to create on my own for the first time. It was uncomfortable, scary, and empowering. 
For me, this school offers a beautiful contradiction: I get to create  alone, and create in community at the same time. I have the pride of knowing every plane stroke on a piece came from my hands, the support of being surrounded by inspiring students and the guidance from incredible instructors. 
I also have the support of my partner and our two daughters to  continue a life of making wood shavings. I suppose there really is no such thing as truly creating on one’s own.
Getting to explore this craft at the Krenov School for a second-year is such a privilege. I couldn’t be happier to spend another year in the land of redwoods by the ocean.
I’m previously from Oakland CA.  

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Tap any project image below to learn more about the piece.