Matthew Garcia

Class of 2024
Los Angeles,

I’m from Los Angeles. I started woodworking 7 or 8 years ago when I needed furniture for myself but it was too expensive. I thought “I’m pretty handy, so let me try making something myself”. So I made a bed as my first project and it came out beautiful, so I kept on woodworking. My family was awesome and encouraging, so I kept in working at it and started taking classes at Palomar college in San Diego. During covid it was hard to get product in for my dog leash business, so I decided to change my career and it ended up being the best change of my life. I thought maybe I am good enough to get a job woodworking and I lucked out and the first place I applied to offered me a job and it ended up being one of the best, I think, furniture makers in Los Angeles, angles City woodshop. After working there for a couple of years and taking classes at Palomar, I learned of the Krenov school through Jen Anderson, who used to go to school here. I realized in the wood shop I was feeling very comfortable with machines and I wanted to expand my knowledge and become a better woodworker. In my personal estimation, you need to know both machines and hand tools. I liked the idea of how the Krenov school marries the two and uses hand tools to finish and finesse what machines can do. After coming to visit the Krenov school last February, I was blown away, literally moved to tears at the mid winter show and I decided the Krenov school is where I wanted to spend my time. I had never put more effort into writing essays and I feel lucky that I was chosen to come here. Not only for the school, but this is an amazing place to live! I am looking forward to becoming a better woodworker, because this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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