Samuel Eisen

Sam Eisen
Class of 2018

Sam Eisen was raised in Oakland and has practiced fine art from a young age. As well as an interest in fine woodworking he has practiced as a painter and wildlife photography. Sam graduated from The School of the Art Institute in 2011 where he focused primarily painting. However, access to the museum as a student he began to appreciate the function and beauty of the furniture in their collection. After graduating, that interest coupled with the irritation with having to buy new Ikea furniture pretty much every year he set out to craft his own make his furniture. In the beginning, Sam learned what he could on his own with the aid of youtube. After the limited access to tools Made putting the quality he wanted into his pieces challenging he decided to find programs that would give him the best hands on knowledge. Before attending the Krenov Program, he was enrolled in the wood technology program at Laney as well as completing the 3-month intensive at the center for furniture craftsmanship for the summer of 2016. The plan after completing this program is to go into better understand the bond of craft and art and utility of fine furniture.

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Tap any project image below to learn more about the piece.