Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson
Class of 2018
 & 2019

Born in southern California, Scott’s introduction to woodworking was inspired by the first half pipe and skateboarding boxes he built with his father. Moving to Portland, Or, he worked as a carpenter and painter in commercial and residential construction. He was drawn to the preservation of the homes and buildings in his community and has worked on countless restoration projects. After working with many mediums, he has found that furniture possesses the unique ability to blend pragmatism and utility with the purely aesthetic elements of sculpture and fine art. As the founder James Krenov first said, it isn’t work that Scott enjoys but working well. The fine detail in a truly awesome piece is the signature of a craftsperson that cares. The distinct approach to maker-ship at the Krenov School has a particular resonance with Scott. He is honored to join the tradition of woodworking education in Fort Bragg, CA and is really trying to send it

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Tap any project image below to learn more about the piece.