Stefan Von Hallberg

Class of 2024
Los Angeles,

I was born in Munich and grew up in Chicago. I completed university there and later architecture school in Los Angeles. I explored that discipline, built my shop, worked in a tool store and now am settled here, happy as ever. Two years prior, I spent a summer here—it changed me. Since, I have continued my studies at many schools, learning new techniques. Most forbid the use of exotic wood, air dried wood, pretty much anything non-native—perhaps a touch boring. Beautiful wood, fragrant wood, weird wood compels me.

Here, we can step into wood rooms to find tropical hardwoods, idiosyncratic native species, and so forth. Boards of exquisite beauty, boards given to Krenov, boards of the like I have never encountered. And James Krenov is wonderful, a treasure. His texts are tender and encouraging, not to mention his cabinets. The humility and intimacy of our craft as he describes it is as compelling now as ever. His words have been invaluable; whenever I am struggling or complete something that I am less than proud of, I return to those texts and I am reassured. I am deeply happy and proud to be part of this history and community.

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Tap any project image below to learn more about the piece.